LED Strips

LED Strips for 12V & 24V

LED Strips

LED strip LED brightness Light
Size mm (b*h) Waterproofing Expandable Features
Extreme LED strip 01 90° 15*10 IP66 No
Very Durable
Extreme LED strip 02 90° 15*10 IP66 No
Very durable
Flexible LED strip
200 lm / m
90° 7*11 IP65 No
Super flexible
Slim LED Strip
32 lm / m
120° 10*2 IP65 No
Super thin
Slim LED Strip +
330 lm / m
120° 8*3 IP65/IP68 Yes
Bright light
Slim LED Strip ++
560 lm / m
120° 10*3 IP65/IP68 Yes/No
Bright as hell
Slim LED Strip +++
840 lm / m
120° 10*3 IP65/IP68 Yes
Has everything!
Slim mini LED Strip
528 lm / m
110° 8*2,5 Yes Yes
Usable anywhere
Slim side LED strip
160 lm / m
120° 8*2 IP66 Yes
Light emited from the side

Short info about LED strips

LED strips is a flexible circuit board with LEDs that are moisture protected, usually with some kind of epoxy glue. The circuit board can be bend and twist but can not stretch, they are as flexible as a  plastic ruler.

The LEDs are usually mounted in sections on the LED strip, which includes a resistor and three LEDs. This make LED strips dividable every third LED. This is often marked in some way to make it easy to see where you'll divide the LED strip.

Slim LED strips have a double-sided 3M adhesive tape on the back for easy mounting. To attach the LED strips without tape, you can for example use cable ties or glue.

Do you have a caravan or a small cottage where you need light but are sick of constantly discharged battery as soon as you have lights on, then the LED strips is exactly what you need. LED strips consume very little power and provides an enormous amount of light. Attach them as under the sink, under cabinets, etc. and then just connect them to the 12V supply.