Paracord 550 (Type III)

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Paracord 550 (Type III)

Product variants
Qty. Color Price Avail.
Black 7 kr 1398
Ash 7 kr 475
Steelgray 7 kr 525
Silver 7 kr 200
White 7 kr 441
Neon green 7 kr 148
Green 7 kr 220
Forest green 7 kr 300
Army green 7 kr 280
Midnight green 7 kr 300
Yellow 7 kr 248
Gold 7 kr 200
Orange 7 kr 268
Dark orange 7 kr 290
Red 7 kr 659
Dark red 7 kr 414
Dark violet 7 kr 200
Violet 7 kr 210
Pink 7 kr 280
Rose pink 7 kr 272
Lavender 7 kr 300
Cotton candy 7 kr 290
Navyblue 7 kr 250
Sky blue 7 kr 245
Azure 7 kr 248
Cyan 7 kr 277
Chocolate brown 7 kr 300
Khaki 7 kr 300
Sepia 7 kr 215
Sand 7 kr 300

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Fr. 7:-

Stylingwebbens paracord has the highest possible quality. The threads are extremely tightly woven for maximum coverage of the cable.

We assure you that the size and fit of our paracord is perfect! We have tested samples from many different factories of paracord 550 Type III and what we have experienced is that there are very many different sizes of that particular type. Some were small so it was impossible to bring through a a lot to get it to sit pretty well. A paracord with perfect size makes it considerably easier to sleeve cables.

Our paracord has a size that makes it easy to pass the cable through paracord and still fit tightly around the cable when flattened. Worth mentioning is that the paracord fits perfectly with our popular cable combs.

To sleeve with paracord is exactly as simple as when sleeveing with standard expandable braided sleeving, all steps are exactly the same. However, there is a small difference, and that is that you must remove the core threads but this take literally 0.5 seconds.

Why we do not sell paracord without core threads? The answer is simple, a paracord without core is of a poorer quality. Those who sell it are doing so to save money on shipping from the factory (less weight / less space = cheaper). The core does so the paracord retains its nice round shape and it prevents threads faults in the fabric. You can compare it with the sale of shoes, stores fill their shoes with paper so that they maintain their fine form, we have chosen to do the same. A paracord without core has a "flat" form that can affect how the end result looks like, the cable can for example get a oval look. Our costumers deserve only the best so we have therefore chosen to retain the core of our paracord!

The paracord has 30 different colors and are sold by the meter.
Mini order: 10m / color.

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